Doctrinal foundations

All man-made doctrinal statements are fallible, and are always subject to the scrutiny of Scripture. However God still leads men and women, empowered by His Spirit, to make statements that are an accurate summary of what the scriptures teach.

Some today will say that doctrine does not matter: all that matters is personal faith. Yet without true doctrine, personal faith is a nonsense: you cannot relate to someone about whom you know nothing, and you cannot trust them without knowing what they have done and what they promise to do.

Some example of doctrinal statements, which the writers of this blog seek to affirm (while not holding them to have the same authority of Scripture) are:

The Foundation documents of the Gospel Coalition

The doctrinal basis and values of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students

The Ecumenical Creeds

The various affirmations that came out of the ‘Protestant’ Reformation: Reformed and Lutheran

The Chicago statement on Biblical Inerrancy

The Lausanne Covenant on World Evangelisation


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