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In my reading I aim to cycle through three categories of books:
1. Good theology (to hone my biblical and theological knowledge)
2. Iffy theology (to help me understand where others in the Christian spectrum are coming from)
3. Good ministry (to help me be better equipped and better train others for Gospel ministry)

The books I plan (at least) to read starting in October are:

1. Augustine of Hippo: ‘City of God’

2. Doug Pagitt: ‘An Emergent Manifesto of Hope’

3. Christine Dillon: ‘Telling the Gospel through Story: Evangelism that keeps hearers wanting more’

Will you join me? Here’s what it will involve:

1. Getting a copy (hard copy, ebook or online) and reading it

2. Touching base at some point(s) during or upon finishing to talk about what we learned. This could be face-to-face or online via facebook or goodreads.