Should Christians attend anti-government COVID protests?

Posted: August 21, 2021 in Uncategorized


  1. Carol Goode says:

    yes. The Christian/conservative voice today is being systematically silenced to make way for cultural Marxism leading into the New World Order already being speedily and openly established. Beware. Those who control the narrative seek to control the world. Therefore, it is imperative that the Christian voice be heard and unreasonable mandates (or other destructive legislations that violate human life) be challenged.
    We protest in a prayerful and Godly manner either through marches or through the power of the pen. To be silent is in essence to AGREE.
    The U.S.A. is a corrupt and now morally bankrupt nation in free fall. This has not happened overnight. The cracks began to show when Biblical values and the conservative/Christian voice were systematically silenced and only a few tried to stem the flow as the foundations crumbled.
    it is a warning us to at least let our voice be heard and confront people with truth. Truth in the media but more importantly God’s truth.
    The Apostle Paul spoke truth into the culture using every negative situation to present the Gospel truth-whether they believed or not. Book of Acts.
    The challenge for us is to ask ourselves. Do we obey God or man?
    Now back to COVID mandates. To compel people to take an untested experimental gene therapy that already has been proven to be dangerous is WRONG. People should have a choice and should not be punished or maligned.
    Many Christians did attend a protest in 2021 in Adelaide but were largely lignored or given bad unwarranted coverage in the press.
    Impt. to note the rally was against MANDATED vaccinations not necessarily the vaccination itself.
    Apparently conversions and people being prayed over was a strong marker-which no doubt would never get coverage. I am told a spirit of LOVE and GRACE and UNITY was continually present with some solid Christian Speakers and Politicians leading the successful rally.
    YES. Let the Word and conscience continually guide us.

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